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Estate Planning Advice

People spend a lifetime building their wealth and their assets but can give little thought to what happens to those assets after they pass away. Effective Estate Planning can ensure that you retain an influence over what happens to your Estate when you’re no longer around.

The planning includes setting up a clear representation of your final wishes around money, property & possessions. Ensuring that it is protected and preserved for your loved ones.

Protect your legacy with Estate Planning

Estate Planning Advice


Have control over what happens to your assets when you pass away.

Estate Planning Advice


Ensure your most important assets remain with your loved ones or chosen beneficiaries.

Estate Planning - wills & trusts


Live your life with peace of mind, knowing that you have a plan in place.

Protect your estate, protect your legacy

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What does Estate Planning involve?

Our service is made up of several different areas, with the main four areas being Wills, Inheritance Tax Planning, Trusts, and Power of Attorney. These areas together will ensure that the right legal structures are in place and your assets will go exactly where you want them to.

Trusts & Estate Planning


A trust is a beneficial method of securing and managing your financial assets during uncertain circumstances.
Bloodline Planning

Bloodline Planning

Protect your assets for the next generation by ensuring that your property, money and possessions fall into the right hands.
Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney gives you peace of mind that someone you trust is in charge of your affairs, should you be unable to.

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Bella Legard - Estate Planning Adviser

Bella Legard

Estate Planning Adviser

Duncan Edwards

Estate Planning Adviser

Tony Penn

Estate Planning Adviser

Ricci Haslam

Estate Planning Administrator

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