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Will Writing Service

Will Writing Service

We know it can be all too easy to put off writing a Will. No one wants to consider that they won’t be around forever.

A Will helps guarantee your assets go to the people of your choice when you pass away. Our personal Will writing service will give you complete peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order when that time comes.

Will Writing Service
Protect your assets

Protect your assets

Protect your loved ones

Protect your loved ones

Estate Planning - wills & trusts

Peace of mind

How we can help you with Will Writing

Review any existing wills

Review your circumstances

Advice on the use of Trusts

Advice on Inheritance Tax threshold

Setup and administration of your Will

Ongoing reviews of your Wills and wider estate

Frequently Asked Questions about Will Writing

Assets that have been placed in a Trust during a lifetime are held separately by the Trustees and dealt with under the terms of the Trust. They aren’t governed by the terms of a Will. A Will covers your estate on death and what you want to happen to any young children.

A Will allows you to share your wishes for how you want the money spent, funeral plans, and any other wishes.

Wills are public documents subject to probate, whereas, the majority of Trusts are private.

Dying without a Will can be highly problematic.

Due to the laws of intestacy in England and Wales, if you die without a Will in place and you have children your spouse may not necessarily inherit your entire estate.

This can lead to unwanted inheritors, family disputes and the potential for inheritance tax to be payable.

The key participants involved in your Will are:

The Testator:
The person who creates the Will (you).

Can be chosen if a child (who is still a minor) requires care at the time of your death.

The Executor:
Administers the Will, ensures legal compliance and follows the guidelines set out by you as the Testator.

The Beneficiary:
The people chosen by the Testator to inherit the assets.

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