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How We Can Protect Your Business

Quite rightly, businesses spend a lot of time and money on insuring their property, machinery and equipment. Many also invest in providing a wide range of attractive benefits for their staff and their families.

However, a much smaller proportion consider taking out corporate protection policies that will assist with the continuance of their business, should the worst happen.  Many are too busy, think the premiums will be high or just don’t think its relevant to their situation.

No-one likes to think about death. Indeed, it may feel insensitive to worry about the effect a death will have on the business when loved ones will be grieving the loss of a key person. But without a viable business, remaining employees will have no work, machinery will have no purpose and there may be no premises in which to carry on.

What do the statistics tell us?

The sad fact remains that the probability of at least one partner or director dying or getting a critical illness before the age of 65 is higher than you may think.


The likelihood of at least one partner/director dying before age 65.*
The likelihood of at least one partner/director getting a critical illness before age 65.*

Our Corporate Protection Services

Brunsdon Financial offers a wide range of corporate protection policies that will help to give peace of mind and security to your business.

Key Person Protection

Protecting your company’s profitability

Business Loan Protection

Ensuring you can meet lenders’ demands,
should the worst happen

Corporate Investment

Surplus cash is an important part of any organisation’s financial strategy

Shareholder Protection

Ensuring fair market value for the deceased’s family members’ shares and protecting the business

Relevant Life Plan

Death in service benefit for the beneficiaries of individual employees

Partnership Protection Insurance

Provides funds to buy a partner’s shares if he/she dies or becomes seriously ill


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Corporate investment is a complicated subject requiring considerable expertise. Investments can go down as well as up and your company may get back less than it originally invested. Legislation and tax rules may be subject to change and your company’s circumstances may also impact on tax treatment.