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Probate & Estate Administration

Probate & Estate Administration

Dealing with the administration of someone’s estate can take many months, depending on the complexity of their affairs.

Unfortunately, family disputes about who should take what assets, whether to sell assets quickly or hold out for a higher price do happen. Ease the administrative burden from your loved ones when you pass away and allow us to guide them through and help streamline the whole process.

Probate & Estate Administration
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Estate Planning Advice

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How we can help with Probate and Estate Administration

Help your loved ones through the process

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Guidance on Legal, financial and tax duties

Ensuring that probate is completed accurately

Establish and manage Trusts

Making sure financial affairs are in order

Frequently Asked Questions about probate and estate administration

Probate is the word normally used to describe the legal and financial processes involved in dealing with the property, money and possessions of a person who has died.

It can take a while to wind up your estate and distribute your assets upon your passing.

You can expect the process to take 8 to 12 months but it can even take two years or more to settle the estate.

There are various means of avoiding probate, including:

  • A Living Trust
  • Name beneficiaries on your retirement and bank accounts.
  • Hold property jointly.

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