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A Trust can be a beneficial method of securing and managing your financial assets during uncertain circumstances.

Setting up and looking after your Trust does not need to be difficult, and will ensure that your hard-earned money and wealth are protected and that your assets are passed on in the way that you wish when you pass.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Trust is a legal document that moves the ownership of cash or assets to the trustees. The Trustees then oversee the assets for the benefit of your chosen beneficiaries.

Although amounts you gift into trust aren’t out of your estate for inheritance tax purposes until 7 years have passed (unless exempt gifts), they are legally owned by the trustees once passed into trust. This means that they aren’t subject to probate.

They can also help your beneficiaries save money on fees and taxes as they help the living manage their assets. This gives the trustees ultimate control within the terms of the trust.

The settlor of the trust will usually be one of the trustees.

Trusts have three important participants:

The Settlor
Is any person who adds money or assets into a trust.

The Trustee
Legally owns the trust assets and administers them in line with the terms of the trust deed. The settlor will usually be a trustee.

The Beneficiary
Can benefit from the trust – the type of trust and its terms will determine the beneficiaries’ rights.

The main types of trust are bare trusts, interest in possession trusts, discretionary trusts, accumulation trusts, mixed trusts, settlor-interested trusts and non-resident trusts. Each type of trust is taxed differently.

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