Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Business Owners

Estate Planning for Business Owners

Most business owners don’t consider estate planning until it’s too late.

As a business owner, it is particularly important to document who you wish to inherit your estate. Not having a plan in place can cause problems for your business and your family after you have gone.

Estate Planning for Business Owners
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Frequently Asked Questions

Business owners need to consider who they want to take over the business should anything happen to them.

People put their blood, sweat, and tears into growing and nurturing their business and it’s likely the main motivation was to provide for their family and ultimately pass it down.

If the necessary measures aren’t taken to protect your business, it could end up falling within the value of your estate and leave your heirs with a large IHT bill.

This can sadly result in the selling of the businesses just to pay the tax so it’s important to plan to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The best way to prevent losing the family business is by keeping a succession plan and Will up to date clearly outlining how you want your business distributed.

You should include details about the running of the business and distribution of your shares – an effective plan will enable the business to continue running effectively once you’re gone.

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