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Bloodline Planning

Bloodline Planning

Protect your assets for the next generation by ensuring that your property, money and possessions fall into the right hands.

Our Bloodline Planning service will protect you so that your assets reach your children, grandchildren and other relatives intact, rather than ending up in the wrong hands.

Bloodline Planning
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Preserve your wealth for future generations

Estate Planning Advice

Keep family assets in the family

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How we can help with Bloodline Planning

Review of your estate

Review your circumstances

Advice on use of Trusts

Protect your assets throughout the generations

Reduce the tax impacts of your wealth through generations

Ongoing reviews of your estate and bloodline plan

Frequently Asked Questions about Bloodline Planning

Once you’ve received your inheritance, unless otherwise stipulated in the Will, you can do what you want with it.

A Deed of Variation can be used by a beneficiary of the estate who wants to alter or redirect their inheritance entitlement.

People can have reasons to not accept a gift from tax issues to generosity.

Every seven years all non-exempt gifts are out of your estate and your nil rate band becomes fully available again (exempt gifts are immediately out of your estate). Therefore, you won’t pay inheritance tax on anything you gifted over seven years ago.

There will be IHT to pay on any non-exempt gifts made within seven years of your death as they will have used up some or all of your nil rate band. If a gift, alone or cumulatively, exceeds your nil rate band the recipient of the gift must pay IHT on the excess but the tax is reduced (taper relief) if you survive the gift by over 3 years.

Only adults can directly accept an inheritance under a Will.

Amounts left to minor children will be held on trust for them.

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