Why you need a Brunsdon Financial Adviser

Wednesday 28th August 2019

Why you need a Brunsdon Financial Adviser

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Article By Dave Morman

Why you need a Brunsdon Financial Adviser

Why you need a Brunsdon Financial Adviser

You may be saving for your first home, trying to build your pension pot, considering investments or wondering what to do with a legacy. Whatever the financial scenario you are facing, by taking advice from a Brunsdon expert and putting into practice the financial planning strategies recommended, you will gain peace of mind and the knowledge that your financial assets are working hard for you.

So, here are the five top benefits of working with a Brunsdon Financial Adviser:

Benefit of a Brunsdon Financial Adviser No.1: Clear goals

Talking to a Brunsdon adviser, who is a full time professional will offer you a wealth of training, knowledge, qualifications and experience to enable you to focus on what want to achieve with your money. Do you want to plan for retirement, pay your children’s university fees, ensure your family is adequately protected or maybe you’re thinking of retiring abroad? A Brunsdon Financial Adviser will look at your overall goals, take your personal circumstances and attitude to investment risk into account and help you devise a realistic, achievable plan to turn your wishes into reality.

Benefit of a Brunsdon Financial Adviser No. 2: Regular reviews

You may not have the knowledge or experience to keep a weather eye on your investments, or you may wish to ensure your financial strategy remains on track. Engaging a Brunsdon Financial Adviser means you will have the option of receiving regular reviews which will enable you to keep track of your finances and progress towards your goals. You’ll have the flexibility to adapt your plan as your circumstances and needs change; refocus your mind on your financial objectives and have the capability to make changes should you wish to change your financial direction.

Benefit of a Brunsdon Financial Adviser No. 3: Tax efficiency

Your money needs to work as hard for you as possible in the most tax-efficient environment – now and in the future. Make no mistake – the UK’s tax system is complex and at times difficult to understand. A small oversight could cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds in unnecessary tax. Your Brunsdon Financial Adviser will have the knowledge to be able to make your finances as tax efficient as possible.

Benefit of a Brunsdon Financial Adviser No.4: Research & Product knowledge

There are seemingly endless investment and pension solutions available and each comes with its own rules, regulations and complexities. A Brunson Financial Adviser works with financial products on a daily basis and will undertake the time-consuming research for you to narrow down a range of investment options that are most suitable for you to enable you to make an informed choice.

Benefit of a Brunsdon Financial Adviser No. 5: Protection

Whilst there are no guarantees that a recommended investment will perform as well as you hope, you are protected from misleading or poor advice. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that an investment professional is taking care of a wide range of challenges and questions that you would otherwise have to deal with. When you have any questions or concerns, you can be assured that you can contact your financial adviser, to get answers in a timely manner. When you appoint a Financial Adviser you can feel secure in that you also have the added protection of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

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Please note this information does not offer specific personal advice. The value of an investment may fall as well as rise and you may get back less than the amount invested. The information is based on our understanding of current taxation, legislation and HM Revenue & Customs practice as at August 2019, all of which may be subject to change. The FCA does not regulate tax advice.