UK employers get serious about wellbeing

Monday 22nd October 2018

UK employers get serious about wellbeing

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Article By Dave Morman

UK employers get serious about wellbeing

Employers in the UK are becoming more aware of the importance of employees’ health and its effect on business, according to new research from Aon.

Aon’s 2018 EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) Health Survey found that 63% of UK firms now take steps to manage the impact of health on their business. That compares to 58% in its previous survey, carried out in 2016.

When it comes to putting policies in place to target specific aspects of healthcare, 77% have a physical programme, 70% offer social health support, 58% have emotional or psychological programmes, and 39% give support with financial health. A further 40% said that they are planning to introduce financial wellbeing programmes in the future.

However, although 94% of employers believe that they are responsible for influencing employee wellbeing and changing behaviour, 61% say that they have no defined budget for health.

What does it mean for business?

Aon’s findings show that health and wellbeing benefits are an established part of many employer’s offerings. They are becoming much more than a nice-to-have. However, when compared to other countries in the EMEA region, Aon found that UK employers are less likely to have a clearly defined strategy than others, with 28% of UK respondents saying that they had a defined approach, compared to 40% in the survey overall.

Creating a joined-up approach to wellbeing makes a strategy easier to communicate, helps employees understand it better and can make it easier to measure return on investment.

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