Reduced charges for our investors

Monday 13th July 2020

Reduced charges for our investors

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Article By Jan Bailey

Reduced charges for our investors

Brunsdon Asset Management’s directors have recently taken the decision to change its Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) from Investment Fund Services Ltd (IFSL) to Thesis Unit Trust Management Ltd (Thesis).

You may already be aware that Brunsdon Asset Management sponsors two funds: a cautious growth and an adventurous growth fund, which are both sub-funds of Brunsdon OEIC (Open Ended Investment Company).

IFSL have been the ACD of our funds from inception in October 2011 and have served us well. We would like to take this opportunity to thank IFSL for their involvement in setting up the funds with us and over the years. However, it was felt a new fresh look at our funds and their management was needed and so, after much research, the BAM Directors approached Thesis and invited them to carry out the function of the ACD going forward.

The ACD’s role is to manage and administer the Brunsdon Open Ended Investment Company in accordance with the regulations and company instruments.

The move signifies an excellent opportunity for Brunsdon Asset Management and its investors with the added benefit of lower charges for our clients.

With effect from Friday 19 June 2020, the new charges for the TM Brunsdon Funds will be:

TM Brunsdon Cautious Growth Fund – 1.19% (reduced from 1.33%)

TM Adventurous Growth Fund – 1.32% (reduced from 1.46%)

This is a significant reduction of up to 13% and will be for the benefit of the TM Brunsdon fund investors.

Active management of the funds is entrusted to Brooks Macdonald, who are specialists in the relative risk return arena.

For further information, please contact your Brunsdon Financial adviser.