New Investors in People campaign aims to 'build a better normal'

Wednesday 19th August 2020

New Investors in People campaign aims to 'build a better normal'

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Article By Jan Bailey

New Investors in People campaign aims to 'build a better normal'

Investors in People has recently launched a new campaign that aims to learn from some of the more positive aspects of working throughout COVID19.

Entitled ‘Build a better normal,’ its overall aim is to encourage employers to make work better for everyone. In so doing, they argue we can build a better, more productive and healthier society for now and for future generations.

Employers can get involved in the campaign by pledging to follow seven ‘commitments’ that have been developed by Investors in People following feedback from their community, research and the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. These are:

  1. Make work agile and flexible
    This means trusting your employees to manage their workloads and by focussing on outputs – not when and where they work.
  2. Make work for people, not resources
    The workplace should focus on employees’ individual needs and motivations rather than treating them as homogenous resources that should be managed.
  3. Make work diverse and inclusive
    Leaders must work together to make businesses more diverse and inclusive. This will result in better and more creative problem solving and solutions.
  4. Make work that ensures business for good
    Social responsibility is at the heart of good business and your organisation’s purpose, values and actions should reflect this.
  5. Make work that enhances wellbeing
    Introduce approaches that will improve your employees’ psychological, physical and social wellbeing. This includes offering your employees a package of support, resources and tools and putting practices in place that support, enhance and protect wellbeing.
  6. Make work that invests in young talent
    COVID19 has had a significant negative impact on the number of opportunities available to young people. Amongst other things, building a better normal means fostering connections with local colleges, supporting apprenticeships and other schemes, and active future talent planning.
  7. Make work greener and sustainable
    This can be achieved through understanding the environmental impact of your business and by taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re interested in getting involved or in signing up to the initiative, you can find out more from the Investors in People website

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