Is it time for your group benefits makeover?

Monday 12th November 2018

Is it time for your group benefits makeover?

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Article By Dave Morman

Is it time for your group benefits makeover?

Why Brunsdon?

Brunsdon Financial Services Ltd. has played an active and influential role in the Employee Benefits arena for over 20 years, designing, procuring, implementing and administering quality, value-added pensions and group schemes for companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large household name conglomerates. Since January 2018 Brunsdon Employee Benefits Ltd, an appointed representative of Brunsdon Financial Services Ltd, has taken over this role.

We assume the role of strategic partner, providing cost-effective, holistic solutions that match the needs and goals of our clients, now and going forward.

How we can help you

  • We can ensure that your pension and reward scheme appeals both to your current workforce and is attractive in the recruitment marketplace.
  • We can provide the necessary workplace financial education (and individual financial advice if required) to increase your staff’s appreciation and make the most of your investment.
  • Our SMARTBROKING™ process consolidates and packages benefits and renewals so that when we present your scheme to the market we can negotiate the best available rates for your company.
  • We will market-test your scheme benefits on a regular basis so you can be confident that it remains relevant, competitive and cost-efficient.

Next steps

If your pension and reward scheme has not been scrutinised for a while then the chances are they may no longer represent the best cost option for your company and / or the benefits you offer could be improved. Our SMARTBROKING™ process has been responsible for saving companies money by reducing charges, streamlining schemes and providing increased pension investment opportunities.

Please check out our Case Study .

So why not ask us to health check your pension and reward scheme? In addition to ensuring you have the best cost options we can offer full administration support, employee engagement programmes, robust governance and data protection procedures.

Please contact your Brunsdon Financial Adviser or call our Employee Benefits Team on 01452 623645.

Please note that this article does not constitute specific personal advice.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not regulate some elements of Automatic Enrolment.