Do you have a fear of finding out about your health?

Monday 08th October 2018

Do you have a fear of finding out about your health?

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Article By Dave Morman

Do you have a fear of finding out about your health?

If you’ve ever missed a medical check-up or been tempted to put off a visit to the doctor when you’re feeling under the weather, you’re not alone. According to research from Live:Lab, many of us are suffering from FOFO – fear of finding out – about health issues.

Backed by pharmaceutical company AbbVie, the Live:Lab research asked over 4,000 people in the UK about their attitude to keeping on top of their health. It found that a surprising 15% of respondents would rather not know if they had a serious health condition.

Women (61%) suffer from FOFO more than men (55%), and those between 34 and 61 were also likely to put a lower priority on their health.

The report looked at the causes of FOFO, and found that anxiety around being examined was a barrier for 25% of those who took part. Worrying that the diagnosis might have an effect on their family affected 22% and 18% said they had put off a visit to the doctor in case they were pressured to change their lifestyle.

Taking advantage of health checks, either from the NHS or through employee benefits such as health cash plans, can help to identify potential issues at an early stage and prevent more serious illnesses further down the line. Please talk to your Brunsdon Financial Adviser if you’d like to learn more about health insurance and wellbeing benefits.


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