Client Case Study


Salary sacrifice is a cost-effective way of making pension contributions that results in savings for employers and pension scheme members. Brunsdon Employee Benefits experts helped iiPay to implement the new arrangements and to provide clear information to its employees.

What We Did

This included a detailed but clear FAQ guide and announcement plus the delivery of a webinar for all iiPay employees. The webinar incorporated interactive features so that employees could ask questions and thereby gain a clear understanding of how the salary sacrifice arrangements would affect them.

The Outcome

iiPay recently introduced a salary sacrifice arrangement, with support from Brunsdon Employee Benefits experts.

This resulted in significant savings for the business and its employees.

I was very happy with Brunsdon’s vital guidance around the implementation of salary sacrifice for our employees. Their suggestions encompassed the logistical aspect of it, for example the data requirements that are needed, as well as the communication aspects. The suggestions ranged from how to ensure that the change was perceived positively (for example, calling the process salary exchange rather than salary sacrifice to reflect more accurately what it means for employees), to ensuring that we could communicate the change very well to our team in a period which gave us many challenges (ie the Covid-19 pandemic). Our Brunsdon Consultant’s suggestion of an interactive webinar worked very well – as a payroll firm, you would expect many detailed questions, and these were succinctly covered to everyone’s satisfaction.

We would certainly recommend using Brunsdon – their help will save us, and pension scheme members, thousands of pounds.

Harry Weaver

Financial Controller